Zero Code Application Development

Zero Code Application Development

All-round powerful application platform

The WEM Platform includes drag and drop modeling characteristics and point-and-click integration with SaaS and standard protocols such as REST, SOAP and Odata. WEM gives you complete control over integration and add-ons. All applications built with WEM are web based and include hosting, maintenance, security, infrastructure, backup, service levels, storage, and disaster recovery with a very competitive pay for use business model. To get a free thirty-day WEM trial subscription or schedule a live demo please click here

Zero Code Application Development

Integrate using web services

Professional software developers will enjoy the powerful features in WEM, including the ability to integrate using web services and rapidly make changes to web applications on the fly.

Zero Code Application Development

Fully functional, highly interactive web applications

The minimal level of expertise required doesn’t limit the level of functionality that can be achieved: Fully functional, highly interactive web applications, including interfaces to other corporate or external systems can be created using the intuitive interface. Easy to get started yet powerful for more advanced users. WEM applications are published using standard or user-defined templates to ensure a professional and consistent look and feel.

Zero Code Application Development

Subject matter expert as application developer

The power of WEM is that it makes any subject matter expert an application developer almost instantly. Creating basic applications requires no more skills than drawing a flow chart in any modern day office productivity tool.

Zero Code Application Development

No technical knowledge required

There are two major components to WEM: The modeler is used to create and test applications, this is a web based application interface that with the use of drag-and-drop and simple interactions allows the user to create a web application. The runtime is where the finished application is moved to expose the functionality to the end users, with powerful security and accessibility features including support for a wide variety of client systems right out of the box without requiring any technical knowledge from the developer.

Zero Code Application Development

Application development in real-time

The ability to co-create, where in conversation with the subject matter expert the environment is modeled in real time, offers new capabilities in customer service and short turn around application development. From rapid prototyping to production as quick as the subject matter experts are able to communicate their needs, application development in real-time. The underlying infrastructure leverages the proven Microsoft .NET application platform in combination with Microsoft SQL-Server.

Uses of WEM

WEM Technology

Process Automation

Formal and informal processes determine how work gets done in your organization, often the knowledge on the detailed operation of these processes, how things are done, is what makes people productive in your organization and what makes your organization unique. WEM is an excellent platform to document and encourage adherence to all your business processes increasing consistency, quality and compliance.


Integration between various applications, both inside and outside of your WEM environment is made possible using web services. This feature of WEM enables bi-directional integration with many SaaS and standard software applications by importing the offered feature set from that application using the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) standard or exposing the features of your WEM based application by exporting a WSDL from WEM to import in another application.

Short Term Projects

Every so often a project comes along that requires specialized administration and processes and would benefit from custom applications and multi device web access, but traditional development and infrastructure takes too long and is too expensive. With WEM the project team can create their own custom applications, optimize their project activities, keep budgets under control and still meet the performance, security and availability requirements of a professional business application.


Security was and continues to be an integral part of the design and development of the WEM platform. Concepts like transport control, data separation and process integrity are all part of the core design of the platform, not add-on’s to be added later to satisfy the needs of the market or address known vulnerabilities. From the design to the development process clear quality and peer-review standards help to establish and maintain a platform with strong communications and data privacy and security credentials.

Forms Automation

Many organizations run on forms, many even still on paper or in very basic point solution applications, with WEM it is extremely easy to automate forms and create smart forms with integrated logic, optional components, automation and workflow. These forms become multi user databases automatically, allowing everyone in your organization to share the data and collaborate in real time. The information is stored on the WEM server, allowing you to re-use the data in other applications, link forms and the peace of mind knowing your data is backed up and safe.

Mobile Devices

Almost every day a new device hits the market; phones, tablets, touch computers, wearables, laptops, smart-tv’s and many more, for most applications it is important to offer the same or at least similar experience on all these devices working around limitations and leveraging strengths. Using the Bootstrap standard applications published with WEM meet your web publishing standards and are formatted to optimize device characteristics.

Customer Intimacy

An often over-used term, but applicable to a core capability of WEM. Giving your customers ways to work with you by giving them access to your forms, processes and applications makes the relationship stronger and binds your customers to you. It is easy to expose part or all of your WEM application to your customers for them to electronically complete forms, participate in your internal processes or link their applications with yours using web-services.

Custom Controls

As an advanced web developer you want to be able to modify the development platform and resulting applications to your needs. For this needs WEM has Custom Controls, through this application interface more advanced users can extend the WEM platform enabling features like; integration with user peripherals, custom user interaction and browser side integration with other applications and web services.

Proof of Concept

Communications between the subject-matter-experts and the development team is often the hardest aspect of any development project. Using WEM building an operational proof of concept is a real possibility, in a real time session the WEM consultant in conversation with the subject-matter-expert can build and publish an application highlighting the key aspects of the project and virtually guarantee common understanding of the project at hand between the development team and the key users of the resulting system.


Expressions are used throughout the WEM modeler to allow functionality including filtering, search, calculations and decisions. Expressions are created using functions in a similar way as creating formulas in your favorite spreadsheet application. The WEM modeler interface provides a full featured point and click as well as a text editor to increase productivity.

Commercial Applications

WEM is a full lifecycle application platform with capabilities that make it an excellent choice for commercial applications. When developing commercial applications there are many things to consider adding in platform management, hosting and multi-tenancy further complicates the situation and it becomes easy to get lost in the technical details. The WEM platform provides solutions for many of the complexities of managing a multi-customer software as a service (SaaS) solution including: capacity management, data consistency, multi frontend, data separation, source control, version management and release staging.

WEM Architecture

WEM is a fully web based solution, from the documentation through the modeler all the way to the production ready runtime applications. The modeler is a single window application using a tabbed interface to allow you to work on multiple items simultaneously. The applications generated are run from the WEM runtime engine and are by default optimized for all types of client devices from phones to desktops. The underlying technology to WEM is based on the Microsoft platform.

Add-on to ERP, cloud and shrink-wrap software

Your ERP systems, cloud services and other large shrink-wrap software applications are almost exactly what you need, but modifying them is hard, time-consuming and may impact your ability to do future upgrades, but without those modifications your business just isn’t what you and your customers need. With WEM you can develop seamless integrated add-ons to most systems that are fully under your control and won’t limit your ability to benefit from future upgrades.