Entrata Communications Digital marketing approach takes a holistic and insightful view to plan and execute digital strategies for maximum reach and impact. You can rely on our experience to create value for your brand through an effective integrated strategy which achieves your long-term goals while remaining agile and flexible.

We will work with you and identify the relevant and most effective plan as per your budget to support your business objectives.

We offer a spectrum of services to help organisations navigate and get the most out of the digital media space.

Our spectrum of services are designed to get the most out of the Digital media space


Baidu, Google

Paid Search and Online Advertising

Baidu, Bing, Google
WeChat, Facebook, Weibo, Instagram
Youko, Youtube

Social Media

WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram

Zero Code application Development

WEM Modeler enables development of multi-platform business-critical applications and mobile apps – No code, up to 10 times faster than conventional methods, reducing costs up to 80%